Compost Compliance: How to Divert Food Waste and Obey the Law

You never set out to harm the environment or break laws— yet that is the way it could turn out.  Learn how to get in compliance with Massachusetts' food waste ban by ensuring organic material is diverted from waste and composted quickly, easily, and affordably.

Critical question for a compost partner include: "How much will complying cost?" and "Can you handle everything that can be composted?"


Find out what your liability to the food waste ban law is!  Learn what pitfalls to avoid.  And start composting affordably as soon as possible.


Prepare in order to prevent problems

Learn How to Comply

How to compost without losing your mind

Complying with the Commercial Food Waste Disposal Ban doesn't have to be a burden— it can be an opportunity to benefit your business:

Cut costs from the start

You'll Discover:


Finding the right compost partner is key.  Fill out the form to the right to get more information.

A little bit of knowledge can go a long way.  Another key question about a composting partner is "Will they train your staff for you?"

It can be easy to comply


By diverting food waste to composting, you'll be reducing the amount of garbage you need to pay to have taken away.